The Thing With Helium Balloons

The thing with 13 helium balloons at a photo shoot with your 22 month old goddaughter is that you’re gonna spend ALL your time keeping the balloons grounded and NO time actually taking those Pinterest-type-awesome-photos you intended to take. NO TIME. And I’m not even joking.

You’re gonna leave all the extra props in the car and your sole desire will be to keep the child smiling and the balloons grounded.



My goddaughter Paige at 22 months | Photographer: Althea Stoltzfoos

But that time you leapt in the air and saved the balloons from flying off to the heavens… that’s an incident you’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out. Well, after your heart stops racing and the child stops crying because you startled her when you jumped and yelled.

The balloons will make the cashier at the grocery store grin, the old man in the parking lot smile, the photographer will be amused, and you will be “light-on-your-feet” (because seriously people, 13 helium balloons about made me airborne). So focus on the good stuff. Yes, focus on the good stuff, and the fact that you gave 13 colorful balloons a good life… while the helium lasted.


The thing with helium balloons is that they are as unpredictable as a child during a photo shoot. Maybe next time, just to free up your hands and all, leave the balloons at the store. I know all that awesome color is soooooo tempting but stand strong, my friend. Stand very strong!





And in the end, long after the helium left the balloons and the colorful pieces of rubber were tossed in the trash, you’re gonna be glad that the photo shoot didn’t work out exactly as you intended. Because, in the end, the unscripted photos capturing you doing real life with the child you love is the best thing your mommy heart could ask for.


The end.


P.S. No balloons feelings were hurt in the making of these pictures. Pinkie promise.



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