Evaluating My Choice

The word CHOICE/CHOOSE/CHOSE shows up in my blog title and in multiple blogposts. Taking ownership of my choices has been a huge turning point in my journey of pain in the past decade, and a big game changer in everyday life.

Remember how I said I was not going to be choosing to do the goals and resolution thing this year?

Best decision ever.

Here is how it’s working out so far for me: six months into 2016 and I’m just a lot less hard on myself. I haven’t failed to jump through loops of perfectionism or over heights of idealism. I just am.

I definitely still have bills to pay (on time) and schedules to meet and things to accomplish. But the “to do” doesn’t overpower the “to be” these days. No, not even when I’ve worked long hours and end up spending some of my evenings flat-on-my-back in exhaustion.

We’ve learned to step in time together – the “to do” and the “to be” and I; a slow dance of worship. And I say worship NOT because I’ve gone all New Age-y or something but because our lives are supposed to be an act of worship.

Because God is good, and that fact isn’t changing by my lists or my moods or my feelings.


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