Meet Marita:

My chronic pain story began in 2003. I’m the girl who had the violent reaction to a set of 5 vaccinations before going on a mission’s trip to India. The symptoms from my initial violent reaction to the vaccines dissipated. I began to have weird health-related symptoms. I went to many doctors. I was tested and diagnosed and worried over. My pain levels continued to rise. Everyone tried to heal me. I clung to optimism and faith. My pain levels spiked. I took drugs for pain. I kept doing all I knew to do for healing. I took heavy pain medication for years. I went to Switzerland to get more health treatment. I decided to stop taking drugs for pain. I experienced over 6 months of hellish withdrawal. I still experience withdrawal in small doses from time to time. I went to Switzerland for another 3 weeks of treatment in April/May 2015. My improvement is slow, steady, and marked. Some days I pretend I am 100% well.

Dealing with chronic pain for over a decade was… uh, painful. Choosing to go off painkillers, and the ensuing withdrawal, was more painful than I could have ever imagined. Here I am broken up, refined in the fire, and softened down by time. I’m here to offer up of the goodness I have been given. I’m intentionally creating a community for people in pain – physical, emotional, mental; to promote happy color awareness; and to encourage laughter. Stop by for a moment or a season. Stay as long as you like and join in as much as you want. This blog is merely a platform – a gathering place – and your input and your story is uniquely important.


And as a side note: I hang out on Instagram a lot more than on my blog. You can find me @marita.stoltzfus and follow me for more pictures and short blurbs on my life.

3 thoughts on “Meet Marita:”

  1. I love what you are doing. I love that you choose to express joy through color. I especially love what you said about validating or not validating pain by others around you. I have played that game once too often by burying my own, because maybe someone else has it worse.
    If I didn’t have to pull on my chef whites tommorow, I would most definitely be pulling on my most colorful outfit.
    Blessings to you on your journey.

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  2. My moms story sounds a lot like yours. I would love to get in contact with you. We were missionaries overseas and had lots of needles to go and now my mom has chronic pain and can find no relief. I am interested in what you had done in Switzerland. Thanks so much


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