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The Thing With Helium Balloons

The thing with 13 helium balloons at a photo shoot with your 22 month old goddaughter is that you’re gonna spend ALL your time keeping the balloons grounded and NO time actually taking those Pinterest-type-awesome-photos you intended to take. NO TIME. And I’m not even joking.

You’re gonna leave all the extra props in the car and your sole desire will be to keep the child smiling and the balloons grounded. Continue reading The Thing With Helium Balloons

Meet My Goddaughter

Last week Althea Stoltzfoos did a photo shoot for my goddaughter, Paige Nah’Liyah, and I.

Althea is newly engaged to the man-of-her-dreams so she is currently juggling wedding plans and a trip to Nepal (leaving this week possibly). She was able to quickly edit a few pictures from the photo shoot which I hope to post to my Instagram account @maritastoltzfus in the next day or so. Continue reading Meet My Goddaughter