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It’s not just chance that I am always wearing some clothing with color, and sometimes A LOT of color all at one time. Neither did I randomly discover the rainbow one day and decide to use it as fashion inspiration. That would be a fun story but that’s not it.

My wearing of color(s) is a deliberate choice I make daily. Every time I put on clothing with color it’s my tip o’ the hat to CHOOSING LIFE.

A year ago when I was still steeped in depression, but pretending I was okay, getting dressed was the worst.thing.ever. Most days the act of keeping myself alive took everything I had. Continue reading #wearcolordaily


Pure Bravery

Brave isn’t traveling solo across the ocean to a foreign hospital for medical help. Brave is getting up every morning and choosing to love&laugh in the face of pain.

Brave isn’t living life with no questions. Brave is facing hard life questions every day and keeping your mental capacity intact. Continue reading Pure Bravery