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Faking the Holiday

I am a grateful person, I think, but when I get caught up in the striving to protect myself, the frustration of my limitations, and the hoping-to-clean-up my messy life I do a fine dance with discontentment.

And today, when the US of A is getting all grateful on me for lofty things I’m over here thinking, “God, I just want to get through this day in one piece emotionally. And also, it would be nice if I didn’t have to exit the Thanksgiving dinner to dry heave.”

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Monday’s Confession (on a Wednesday)

Last evening the people who loved me most gathered around me and battled for my heart – for redemption, for revival, for renewal – and we fought together against the destroyer-of-all-things-good. Spiritually I felt so “clouded over” and emotionally I felt wounded beyond repair. But the clouds parted and God reached down from heaven and said, “She’s mine; she’s all mine!” Continue reading Monday’s Confession (on a Wednesday)