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Upstairs Apartment Living

Out with the black and in with the bright – this room will be soon be “mine”… or at least part of the studio apartment my parents are helping me set up. In the next couple of months the bed with its black comforter will go, along with all the other miscellaneous things that have collected here. And then I’ll renovate it. Well, basically just create a mini art studio and add a mini kitchen table with a mini couch and a mini fridge. Yeah, a lot of mini happening here. 😉 Continue reading Upstairs Apartment Living

I’m Entering 2016 Resolution-less

I used to make long lists of goals/resolutions. I lived with this undefined drive that the only way I could be anything, or accomplish anything, in the New Year was by summing it all up in a well-articulated document. And to have this done by the time the clock struck midnight on December 31st. Continue reading I’m Entering 2016 Resolution-less

On Expectations and Turning 30

I expected a lot of things about the 30’s. I mean, I didn’t enter my 20’s thinking: hey, I’m going to create a really odd belief system about people older than me. No, the things just came to me through my culture and the people I socialized with and the way I tried to blend in with what I thought might be “normal”. Funny thing is I didn’t realize till now just how silly they were: Continue reading On Expectations and Turning 30

When Pain Chose Me

You know the Saturday – the one when the rest of the good population of southeastern, PA was probably at the beach or the pool – that’s when I headed to Lancaster city with a few other people. That day our main agenda was vaccinations for a trip to India. We laughed a lot and joked around because we were good at that and we were young and life seemed sweet. Continue reading When Pain Chose Me